Our Grass Fed Beef

100% Grass Fed Beef, Raised Naturally on our Family Farm


Bred, born and raised on our farm, our cattle are fed throughout the spring, summer and autumn on grass and clover pastures, and fed and finished during the winter on our own silage and hay.

Our cattle are raised without growth hormone implants, digestive stimulants or antibiotics. Everything they eat is produced at the farm.

We breed Angus, Hereford and Charolais cross cows with Red Devon and British White bulls.

North Hollow Farm beef is lean, moist and delicious and is available frozen, by the cut, or side. We butcher locally and dry age our beef for two weeks.

In addition to the more traditional cuts and our exceptional ground beef, we offer nitrate-free franks and beef jerky. Our beef liver is a particular favorite among our customers. Health conscious meat eaters often stay away from beef livers knowing that feedlot beef livers have a very high level of toxicity. With North Hollow Farm beef livers, toxicity is not a concern.  Also, available are small packages of hearts and tongues, and shank bones by the pound.