About Our Products

Our Grass-fed Beef
Our beef has been 100% grass-fed since 2003. Bred, born and raised on our farm, our cattle are fed throughout the spring, summer and autumn on grass and clover pastures, and fed and finished during the winter on our own silage and hay. Our cattle are raised without growth hormone implants, digestive stimulants or antibiotics. Everything they eat is produced at the farm. We breed Angus, Hereford and Charolais cross cows with Red Devon and British White bulls. We butcher locally and dry age our beef for two weeks. 

Our All Natural Pork
North Hollow Farm’s pigs are raised without growth stimulants or antibiotics and grown to a slaughter weight of 200 to 220 pounds. Our pigs have spacious living quarters in a refurbished wooden barn that was built in 1886. Pigs are very clean animals when they have ample space. They designate an area for sleeping and another for eating. Their bathroom is always as far away from where they sleep as they can make it. Pigs are very social animals and prefer being together in a large area. North Hollow Farm’s pork is tender, juicy and flavorful. We have a full selection of pork cuts available in our store including nitrate-free bacon, hot dogs, kielbasa, and sausage. Our pork sells out quickly so make room in your freezer for stocking up.

Our VT Maple Syrup
If Mother Nature cooperates, our syrup is available in pints, quarts, 1/2 gallons and gallons. We tap hundreds of trees and boil down the sap in a wood-fired evaporator here on the farm. This is a labor intensive process that lets us bring you one of the finest flavors of Vermont. Our maple syrup is Grade A Fancy and Medium Amber and has earned the Vermont Seal of Quality. Syrup makes a wonderful holiday gift. Don’t forget to serve it warm on your pancakes, waffles or ice cream. Did you know it can take up to 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup? If you’ve never indulged in real maple syrup, treat yourself to a new experience. Not just for waffles and pancakes, add some to your favorite dressing and marinade recipes or drizzle on your morning yogurt. 

Why Grass-Fed?

 Cows were born to eat grass. You cannot find anything more natural. By eating grass-fed beef, it’s not just your health that improves, the ecosystem’s health improves. Management Intensive Grazing (MIG), also known as “grass farming,” “rotational pasture management,” and “prescribed grazing” is an environmentally and economically viable system of forage-based animal production. Vermont’s landscape and topography are well suited to pasture production. North Hollow Farm’s livestock are rotated from pasture to pasture and self-harvest most of their own feed. Our family closely monitors the health of both the animals and the pasture plants to ensure that optimal feed conditions are met.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of eating grass-fed beef. Perhaps you have heard of the important studies that have been made which cite the health benefits of Omega-3 oils? A diet with a high proportion of Omega-3 oils is better for your heart, brain and liver functions. When you hear people talking about all the great health benefits for eating salmon, they’re talking about Omega-3 oils. Iowa State University conducted a study in 2001 and found that there are more Omega-3 oils in grass-fed beef than there are in fish! Combine that with the fact that you’ll have 700% greater chance of getting an E. coli infection from eating feedlot beef, the benefits of choosing grass-fed beef become resoundingly clear.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with beef that is lean, moist and delicious while keeping our animals well-being a  priority. Our animals are humanely and ethically pasture raised. We believe that our grasslands play an important role maintaining a healthy ecosystem therefore we do not use chemicals, added hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. We encourage all of our customers to get to know us and our farm and learn where their food comes from.  We are farmers who raise our animals with respect and kindness and feel that it is a privilege to provide our community with nutrient dense, healthy food. 

“The ground beef is so lean and real! If you want more fat, mix it with the ground pork for the best burgers anywhere!”

– Jenny Emery