About our Farm

“My father, Carroll Bowen bought the farm in 1948, 200 acres for $2,000, which wouldn’t even begin to pay the taxes for a year these days. As more and more farms in our hollow fell out of business we purchased some more land and arranged to lease other farmland to raise our cattle.

Presently North Hollow Farm farms about 1,000 acres of hay land and pasture. We have between four to five hundred head of cattle depending on the time of year. In the 1970’s we started off with Hereford purebred cattle, crossing them with Angus bulls, and adding a Charolais bull a few years later.

Research has found that some of the older English breeds like Red Devon are the best for finishing on grass. These same breeds had been mostly forgotten because in a feedlot they would actually become too fat. To this end, in 2005 we added two Red Devon bulls to our herd.

In 2003 we stopped growing corn for silage and decided to go to an all-grass program. We felt that for the good of the soil and for the animal and human health benefits it was the better direction to take.

We hope you join the growing list of folks enjoying our naturally raised meats. From our farm, to your table.”

— Mike Bowen